Leveraging Large Language Models to Boost Dafny's Developers Productivity


This research idea paper proposes leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) to enhance the productivity of Dafny developers. Although the use of verification-aware languages, such as Dafny, has increased considerably in the last decade, these are still not widely adopted. Often the cost of using such languages is too high, due to the level of expertise required from the developers and challenges that they often face when trying to prove a program correct. Even though Dafny automates a lot of the verification process, sometimes there are steps that are too complex for Dafny to perform on its own. One such case is that of missing lemmas, i.e. Dafny is unable to prove a result without being given further help in the form of a theorem that can assist it in the proof of the step. In this paper, we describe preliminary work on a new Dafny plugin that leverages LLMs to assist developers by generating suggestions for relevant lemmas that Dafny is unable to discover and use. Moreover, for the lemmas that cannot be proved automatically, the plugin also attempts to provide accompanying calculational proofs. We also discuss ideas for future work by describing a research agenda on using LLMs to increase the adoption of verificationaware languages in general, by increasing developers productivity and by reducing the level of expertise required for crafting formal specifications and proving program properties.

In International Conference on Formal Methods in Software Engineering, 2024
Computer Scientist

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