Deadline analysis of AUTOSAR OS periodic tasks in the presence of interrupts


AUTOSAR, the open and emerging global standard for automotive embedded systems, offers a timing protection mechanism to protect tasks from missing their deadlines. However, in practice, it is difficult to predict when a deadline is violated, because a task missing its deadline may be caused by unrelated tasks or by the presence of interrupts. In this paper, we propose an abstract formal model to represent AUTOSAR OS programs with timing protection. We are able to determine schedulability properties and to calculate constraints on the allowed time that interrupts can take for a given task in a given period. We implement our model in Mathematica and give a case study to illustrate the utility of our method. Based on the results, we believe that our work can help designers and implementors of AUTOSAR OS programs check whether their programs satisfy crucial timing properties.

In International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM) 2013
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