A Reward Check From Donald Knuth

The other day I went to my pigeon-hole to collect my snail mail, and I had a letter from Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus of the Art of Computer Programming!

Photo of envelope sent by Knuth (12 Feb 2008)

Inside, there was a check for a correction I sent him some months ago. In fact, it was not really a correction; it was more like a comment. And it was so obvious (he even said that) that he just sent $0.32, instead of the usual $2.56. But hey, who cares? I’ve got Knuth’s autograph now! :-)

Photo of Knuth’s note and check

Perhaps I should set as one of my goals to find a proper error, so that I can receive a $2.56 check :-) By the way, the errata of the Concrete Mathematics is available online and this particular omission is documented as follows:

page 338, line 2 from the bottom change “for $z$” to “for $z$ and multiplying by $a$”

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