Teaching Scenarios

Warning: this page and the material listed here are currently under construction. Suggestions, comments, and corrections are very much appreciated! Thanks!

Teaching scenarios are fully worked out solutions to algorithmic problems together with “method sheets” —detailed guidelines on the principles captured by the problem, how the problem is tackled, and how it is solved. Although they can be used directly by the student, they are primarily written for the teacher and they are designed to promote self-discovery by the students.

The teaching scenarios currently available are:

The Chameleons of Camelot

This scenario presents a generalization of the problem “The Chameleons of Camelot”, found in the book “In Polya’s Footsteps: Miscellaneous Problems and Essays” by Ross Honsberger (1997). Its goal is to help students recognize, model, and solve algorithmic problems. The solution is goal-oriented and explores an invariant of the underlying non-deterministic algorithm. It is also an example of problem decomposition and it can be used to convey the notions of loop, guard, postcondition, and non-determinism.

Download The Chameleons of Camelot as a PDF file (Last changed: 22 May 2010)

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