A contribution towards a Distributed Java Virtual Machine

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João F. Ferreira


The work described in this report is part of PPC-VM project (Portable Parallel Computing based on Virtual Machines). The PPC-VM project aims to build an environment to support the development and execution of parallel applications that efficiently execute on a wide range of computing platforms, based on virtual machines. This work contributes to PPC-VM project with a parallel computing environment, which aims to simplify the implementation of parallel applications and to test the paradigms/methodologies developed within the PPC-VM project. The parallel computing environment uses the Java programming language and it provides two components: a skeleton catalog implemented as an abstract class library and an au- tomatic object distribution platform, based on source code generation. The former helps programmers creating parallel applications, while the latter transparently distributes objects in a parallel distributed environment.


parallel computing, parallel programming, automatic object distribution, skeletons, Java

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  • 2005 — the first version was made public